Paul Morley

Born in Brighton, UK

Lives and works in Brighton, UK


My work is informed by urban and industrial environments. Everyday architectural places and spaces such as concrete staircases or carparks; spaces that are considered hostile and uncommunicative yet convey a wonderful abstract and expressive aesthetic. It explores how architecture connects people to place and the uneasy feelings that occur in these spaces. My ceramic work is informed through my personal photography, which captures 'objects and things' that suggest elements of isolation, separation and abandonment. It also describes a feeling of loneliness and desertion. I am interested in broken and abandoned objects, and places that no longer function. Formation, material, texture and surface finish are considered in the transformation of these ideas into ceramic forms and sculptures.

The majority of my work is limited edition or one-off non-functional and sculptural ceramics made for interiors. All the work is handmade by myself in my studio in Brighton, UK. I use many finishes to the bisque fired ceramics including glazes, underglazes, acylic paint, spraypaint, shoepolish and lacquer.

Commission based work is available upon request. Please contact me for further details.

Clays supplied from Hesketh Potters' Supplies - http://www.heskethps.co.uk/ 

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